Chiropractic is a method of treatment that influences the body in relieving various pains. Of late there has been an unprecedented demand for chiropractors due to the sedentary lifestyles and ill eating habits that we are overwhelmed with. This grim picture regarding the lifestyle routines and fitness problems makes us think twice before gulping that extra mug of beer or pampering yourself from binging on red meat or even adding that extra calorie from French fries. It is a well known fact that all these habits lead to obesity problems which come in the form of joint pains, back pains etc. So, is there anyRead More →

Crochet yokes for t-shirts or fabric | the trend is combining textures and fabrics | from simple rectangles to round yokes, ideas and patterns Source by dariamcguire

Nothing is really new! It is just recycled! Everything old is new again! Add just one thing when you sew your 6 basic, classic garments and you will be in style this Spring 2006. What is this big fashion trend? It’s bows! Bows are back in the fashion world of 2006. They are on everything, everywhere. There are flat bows and fluffy bows, wide bows and narrow bows and everything in between bows. At the fashion shows, bows and sashes adorned every conceivable place on a garment – top, bottom, front and back. Just when we thought we would finally get rid of our bowRead More →

Simplicity is the new mantra for the year 2013. User interface designers are realizing the need to focus on touch friendly, simple, flat and typographical designs with acute attention to color, form and type. Over the upcoming months, most desktop websites will start transforming and imitating the style and interfaces of mobile apps. Due to the amalgamation and simplification of content and design as well as the creation of responsive websites, user interface design trends for website design and development will continue to alter how users experience the web. The following trends will be the mainstay in user interface design trends throughout 2013: 1. ResponsiveRead More →

Are you wondering what is new for home interior trends in ’09? Perhaps you are looking to prep your house to sell, building a new property from scratch, expanding to a new office complex or you just need a change of scenery. Interior design jobs encompass a range of diverse styles, themes and tastes, although there are some clear trends emerging now that builders are allowing clients so many customizable options. This year, open floor plans will likely continue to flourish, along with more practical ideas to combine energy efficiency and frugality in a tasteful way. Homes from the 1800s to early 1900s were specialRead More →