Light. Clear. Direct. Augmented. Streamlined and void of obfuscation. That is how the Shadow Project 2013 spring/summer collection is described. The Stone Island Shadow Project is a niche collection of fashion sportswear created by Stone Island’s art director, Carlo Rivetti, together with the design team of ACRONYM. The collaboration has resulted in an integrated system of clothing with an urban elegance founded on Stone Island’s technical know-how, its laboratory of colour and its historical archive of test results, textile dye recipes and handling processes. This accumulation of expertise and experience forms the brand heritage from which all of Stone Island’s collections are conceived and born.Read More →

At this time of year it is tempting to go out and buy something new for your spring/summer wardrobe but how can you do this without the guilt trip that follows? We think that the best way to shop guilt free is to go for something that is versatile and stands the test of time. So, while we will go on making sure that you are always up to date with the latest trends, below are our top five timeless fashion items. Pumps. Black, red or you own personal favourite colour; ballet style pump shoes have helped women, teens and children everywhere to look feminineRead More →

Little more than a decade ago, online job searches were primarily the province of a tiny population of hardcore techies. Today, online recruiting forms one of the central pillars of a smart staffing strategy for firms in every economic sector. Increasingly, job seekers are turning to electronic resources such as corporate web sites, federal, state, and municipal job postings, online job search engines and aggregators, Internet classifieds, and online versions of local and national newspapers to facilitate the job search process. Conversely, a growing majority of employers have moved a significant proportion of their recruitment efforts online. For professionals on both sides of the hiringRead More →

If you are planning your wedding to happen in the summer like I did, there are a lot of options that you can actually explore and find out if it suits you. The expensive jewelry that you choose would be traditional in most cases. But why buy something that is just a one time wear. The modern trends in expensive jewelry for a wedding makes it reusable in your normal lives and this is what makes it an investment that is well thought of. The stone I chose to be part of the jewelry that she wore was not the normal diamonds but something entirelyRead More →

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Pogs, Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Rubik’s Cubes, pinball, Green Slime, Disco, Hootenannies, Ouija Boards, Davy Crockett Coonskin Caps, baseball cards, Garbage Pail Kids, Slinky, roller derbies, victory gardens, swallowing live goldfish at colleges, hanging out at blind pigs and flagpole sitting. What do all of these things have in common? They were either trends or fads of decades present or gone by. Understanding and exploiting trends and fads can give a marketer a powerful competitive advantage. But in order to do so one must first be able to quickly ascertain whether something is actually a trend or a fad. The majorRead More →

The next big thing: mini callas Elegant mini callas, in a range of chic colors, are way more plentiful and affordable than they used to be. Flower growers are providing improved varieties that yield a longer vase life-up to three weeks. They may tweak soil treatments to get striking new colors. Roses: size matters Trends in the breeding of roses used to be driven by the tastes of the European consumer. Now, in the global marketplace, Russians are among the most avid of all rose buyers. They’re passionate about the long-stemmed, cabbage-size roses and are always hungry for novelty. Breeders are catering to this marketRead More →