Old is No Longer Gold. The name, address, and phone number on the top, date on the left side, followed by a chronological order of education, work experience, and some personal information like date of birth, guardian’s name, etc; this is how a resume of the bygone era looked like. Resumes are our identity on paper. With such a resume in your hand, chances of you getting that elusive call from the potential employer are pretty slim. Renewing the Identity Over the last decade, resume writing has undergone a huge overhaul. A resume has evolved from being an informational document to a marketing document. EveryRead More →

Irrespective of tiresome daily routine and fast life tempo, fashion items never fail to appeal to modern people. Our life is fraught with various pressures but nothing seems to hinder style conscious girls to show their beauty by getting dressed with their preferable haute couture. It is a great honor for girls to steal the show with a decent look. However, when cold winter season sets in, these beautiful and wise girls are still seeking their way to get bundled up to stay warm and stylish. For sure, winter is not a season for exposure and that is really a great pity for those girlsRead More →