Whether at Page 3 parties or at blog spots, everyone wants to be up to date in what they wear or say or like or how they behave. Keeping abreast of fashion trends ensures that one does not make a social gaffe in interacting with ones peers. What is in fashion keeps on changing. The pace of change is very fast now. Haute couture changes every spring and fall and perhaps even in between. The Top of the Pops is never top of the pops for long. Hence it is very easy to make a mistake – to go to a social event wearing boldRead More →

People often ask us what the latest and greatest products and techniques are in the sign industry. Well there are lots of exciting new products which can be used to enhance and improve your companies’ visual communications: 1. Energy saving LEDs In order to meet the carbon emissions initiatives set out by the UK government that will impact all businesses, the manufacturers of LEDs have produced and continue to develop a number of different products to meet the Carbon Reduction Commitment which kicked off 1st April 2010 and requires a year-on-year reduction in emission and the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme which enables a business toRead More →

A recently released survey by the American Pet Products Association reveals some interesting buying habits among pet owners in the United States. Because of their owners’ readiness to provide quality veterinary care, food supplements and specialty foods and even alternative treatment options when necessary, the vast majority of pets in North America are enjoying much longer life spans. Many of those surveyed indicated that they would rush to their animal’s aid if it ever became injured. More and more pet owners are seeking out and purchasing pet insurance in an effort to safeguard their pet’s health and well-being. This survey revealed that the number ofRead More →